Ceremonial home of E-Commerce and digital innovation

IFP Centre
Heilongjiang University

Students studying at our Heilongjiang University IFP Centre will benefit significantly from the University's pioneering role in E-Commerce and digital transformation, which led to Alibaba setting up its E-Commerce centre there.



  • Alexander


    Being here has been an incubator for my Chinese learning. I am currently doing my internship in a large Chinese company. I see myself as a future link for mutual development in the complex Sino-American relationship matrix.

  • Tatiana


    I truly feel the Chinese teaching style in this university is tailor made for Russian students. Within a few months of foundational language study I was able to confidently communicate in basic Mandarin.

  • Amporn


    I feel I have grown so much from the person I was when I first arrived. The campus life and budding city environment present so many opportunities for growth at a personal and career level.

Multicultural Collaboration

Heilongjiang University is famed for its culture of innovation and global collaboration. With renowned teaching faculties particularly in language training. It's Russian training program is the best in China.

Dating back to 1941, HLJU is one of the oldest universities in Harbin. Since its beginning, due to its locational advantages, the university has been dedicated to the training of translators and interpreters, especially in Russian. Following continuous cooperation with Russia, its Russian Language program is now considered the best in China. In recent years, the university has expanded rapidly to become a multidisciplinary university with a focus on E-commerce and Digital transformation.

  • Library

    Amidst the thousands of academic journals and books, the serene library environment offers IFP students the perfect atmosphere to study.

  • Career Education

    Students will benefit from HLJU's unparalleled focus on practical education to best prepare them for their future careers.

  • Teaching Buildings

    IFP students will study in world-class teaching facilities, which plays a key role in HLJU's ability to continuously provide outstanding education.


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